Lets Get Started!

Hello! Welcome to DIY Girls Fashion! My name is Hannah and I am So excited for you to get started on designing your own fashion! Just a few things before we begin:
  • I designed this site for girls ages 8-13, however, older or younger girls can benefit from at least some of the activities.
  • When I refer you to books then try the library! Most of the books are probably available on amazon but you may not want to buy these books. (or you may be a little low on cash)
  • Be creative! If a pattern says to add a flower, you could add a large button instead! Be creative, this is the best way to make things your own!
  • If you get stuck in a project then ask an adult! This is super important, especially important when using tools like a sewing machine, or a hot-glue gun!
  • Have Fun! This is going to BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What I offer:

Projects Pages

This is the perfect place to get inspiration and ideas! You will enjoy making fashionable projects for you and your friends!

Mood Boards

These are fun and inspiring ideas for creating your own style!

Basic Craft Supplies List

This is a list of the basic craft supplies that you need for almost every project!

Note: Sometimes you will see places in a project where you need to print out a pattern or shapes. I ask that you don’t sell these patterns on Etsy or any other place on the web. If you would like to refer a friend to these patterns then please ask them to come to my site. Thank You!


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